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How ZSTRICT Focuses on Fun and Technology to Differentiate Itself from other Golf Simulators


We like how ZSTRICT creates a sports bar vibe and a relaxed environment where people feel comfortable, yet if you want to improve your golf game it can do that as well.

Golfzon connected with General Manager Ben Mackey and how ZSTRICT is differentiating itself in the commercial golf simulator business through virtual events, themed nights, great course options and more.

Golfzon: Do you host any events or themed nights on your golf simulators?

Ben: We host a solid number of events on our golf simulators. We have our ZSTRICT Open - we’re currently on our 6th edition - and this is a quarterly tournament that starts with a $5,000 cash prize purse and grows incrementally as people play.

While we always want to welcome latent and beginner golfers, we also want to create a really exciting atmosphere for people who are competitive. By having the ZSTRICT Open, it gives people that feel - they could win thousands of dollars like the pros on TV. We pay out for 5 different flights, so you can play as many times as you want and you compete to what usually ends up being closer to $6,000-$7,000 in cash prizes.

We also have Challenge Mode, so if you get a hole in one, an albatross or a par-4 eagle when you’re playing on Challenge Mode, you win cash. We had a gentleman who won $750 the other day because he made a hole in one. It’s cool to watch and everyone loves the chance to win, especially in an indoor golf simulator bar that can mimic a casino. We have a prize purse displayed on the screen, similar to a slot machine counter, and it creates a little bit more excitement for people.

Golfzon: How do customers utilize all the golf course options?

Ben: People come to ZSTRICT to play - not necessarily a set amount of holes, but they want to come in and play some of the really cool golf courses we have. We have close to 100 golf courses you can play on, from Pebble Beach to Kingsbarns to Poppy Hills to Spanish Bay - these are just some of the best Golfzon golf courses, though there are plenty more you’d enjoy.

Groups love to come in and try these different tracks, or maybe they were just on a golf trip and played the Ocean Course at Kiawah and now they want to replay it on the golf simulator. The experiences are impressively similar because the moving swing plate emulates different lies on these world-class golf courses.

Most people come into ZSTRICT to play 9 or 18 holes and then play some other golf arcade games we have, or they’ll come in just to practice on the Golfzon Driving Range (GDR) technology. The GDR technology provides the most accurate golf shot data on the market, making your customers’ time on your indoor golf range well worth it.

Another great Golfzon feature is the wind. Wind can be incorporated into play, so you can have a lifelike experience on the Ocean Course at Kiawah or on Pebble Beach. We set our ZSTRICT Open winds to 25 mph, but you can turn it off or randomize it by the golf course.

Golfzon: How can Golfzon commercial golf simulators benefit businesses?

Ben: One of ZSTRICT’s goals was to create a premiere, professional feel, and Golfzon simulators helped us achieve that with their advanced technology that’s crisp and clean and works; it adds value to our amenities and our overall impression as a company.

I love the application of Golfzon simulators in the workspace, too. It’s really important to create a fun team environment and keep your employees happy, so having such great simulators on hand is the perfect bonding activity.

As a commercial operator, it’s so important to differentiate yourselves, whether you’re a restaurant or any other type of business. What sets ZSTRICT apart most is our customer service and the amazing technology that we utilize. That combination bodes really well for us as we expand in the near future.

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