Review frequently asked questions for ZSTRICT, your premier indoor golf simulation spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZSTRICT?
ZSTRICT offers the best simulation technology that golf has to offer. With over 11,000 square feet, 10 golfing bays, and 15 HDTV’s, this your new go-to spot for all things golf. Powered by GOLFZON, our state-of-the-art simulator technology was named “Best Simulator” three years in a row by Golf Digest.

Is there food available?
Yes, and it’s delicious. Try one of our signature cocktails, order some nachos and wings for the big game, and stay updated for monthly specials! Learn more on our EAT & DRINK page.

How long does it take to play 18 holes?
For an average golfer, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour to play a round of 18 holes. For every additional golfer, add an hour.

Can I putt?
Yes, since we utilize the most advanced golf simulators in the world you putt every single inch on the green. Before each round, you can easily set the putting concede distance if you wish to get through holes faster.

Can I practice?
Yes, with three distinct practice areas (driving range, approach, and putting) you can dial in all of the clubs in your bag. Take a look at 10 ball flight metrics, replay your swing, compare swing videos, and more! General manager and PGA Professional Ben Mackey also gives lessons. Email: bmackey@zstrict.com to schedule a lesson today.

What’s the difference between bays 1-9 and VIP?
Bays 1-4 are located closest to the main entrance, and bays 5-9 are located closest to the bar. The VIP room is a spacious private space for up to 12 guests, with a private TV and speaker, and two full size couches. VIP is an additional $10 on weekdays, and an additional $15 on weekends.

What game modes are available?
When you reserve a bay, all modes are available to play: Arcade, Play, Practice, and Challenge. Note however, that in order to enter into challenge mode one must be logged in to the ZSTRICT app.

Can I bring my own clubs/golf shoes?
Yes, we highly encourage guests to bring their own clubs. If not, we have 15 Cleveland rental sets for adults and kids, as well as limited lefty sets for $10. All sets are on a first come, first serve, basis. Feel free to bring your own golf shoes, no metal spikes allowed.

Do we bring our own golf balls?
No, we utilize real golf balls and have about 200 per bay. Never bend down again with our automatic ball feeders, and auto-tee features. For experienced golfers- we use low-spin golf balls, comparable to a Titleist velocity. It is possible and they just will not use the auto tee feature.

Do you host parties/events?
Yes! Birthday parties, corporate events, team-bonding events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, you name it we can accommodate it- up to 150 guests. With a large mezzanine space, customize the party to meet your exact wants and needs. Email bmackey@zstrict.com today with all of your party details. Do you have memberships? Will have memberships starting in the spring of 2020. Currently, payment is per hour, per bay.

How much does it cost?
The pricing structure is as follows: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm $55 | Mon-Thu 4pm-10pm $65 | Fri 4pm-10pm & All Weekend $70 | PRICING IS PER HOUR, PER BAY. NOT PER PERSON. Six players allowed per bay.

Do you have memberships?
Will have memberships starting in the spring of 2020. Currently, payment is per hour, per bay.

Do you have rental sets?
Yes, we have 15 Cleveland rental sets for adults and kids for $10. Rental sets are on a first come, first serve basis.

I heard about challenge mode. Can I actually win real money?
Yes! Here’s how it works: Once you download our free ZSTRICT app, simply login to challenge mode. There is a cumulative purse currently at $10,000 and will constantly increase as more rounds are played. While playing, if you get an albatross for example, we will pay you a specific percentage of the purse! Also compete for points you can use to redeem for bay time. Keep in mind that mulligans and concede putts are not available in this gameplay mode.

Do you have an app?
Yes, search “ZSTRICT” in the app store. Calculate your handicap, watch your last 50 swing videos, save all of your scores, share your best shots with friends, and more!

Can kids play?
Yes! All ages are welcome, and children under the age of 16 require parental supervision.

Do you have TVs?
Yes, we have two 70 inch HDTV’s located at the bar as well as 15 HDTV’s located throughout the facility. We have your covered for all of the major NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL games this season.

Do you have to pay to reserve a bay?
No, reserving a bay is simple and easy. Go to our BOOK page and select a date and time to reserve for up to two weeks in advance.