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The ZSTRICT 1 Year Anniversary


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill spoke these inspirational words during some of the darkest times in Britain’s history. Although there is no comparison to the events back then and this past year, this quote truly embodies many of the emotions that we have experienced over this wild first year of operation. I have reflected on this quote many times over the past months, and it has helped to put things in perspective. The list of unforeseen events is amounting to more than I can count! There have been plenty of reasons to be discouraged and down in the dumps, but my motto at ZSTRICT is to always find the positive in any tough situation.

With that being said, ZSTRICT is celebrating our 1 year anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited! At this time last year, Jacob and myself were meeting all sorts of new faces and just vying to get patrons in the door at ZSTRICT. We were working through a litany of challenges and exciting preparation for our grand opening. This first year could not have gone better given all of the extenuating circumstances, and that is all thanks to you, our loyal customers. None of this would have been possible without everyone who supported and helped to build us up to what we are today.

We went from a little known business to a staple in Fairfield County, all in part to the amazing support from our customers. We cannot thank you enough for making us the premier indoor golf facility in the northeast. GOLFZON and ZSTRICT may have been foreign names to many 12 months ago, but that is in the past! From birthday parties and events, our awesome Thursday night league, and all the wild weekends with endless rounds played trying to win that CASH MONEY, it is all because of you that made it possible.

Reminiscing is fun, and it is always great to look back on past accomplishments. But, another one of my mottos is to keep looking forward and not dwell on the past for too long. Our success is not final! We are just getting started, and we are excited to have everyone along for the ride. Join us for this wild ride in 2021, let's keep looking forward and make 2021 the best year yet!

To celebrate our 1-year anniversary we will be hosting the Golficity podcast here at ZSTRICT! Wednesday November 11th from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Frank & Mike will be doing a live podcast from ZSTRICT to celebrate our 1-year anniversary. This is a limited capacity event, but there are still some spots available- not to mention that it’s FREE. Sign up at We will have music, games, awesome prizes, and your chance to win thousands of dollars’ worth of bay time! We hope to see you all there to help us celebrate our 1-year anniversary!

I cannot thank you all enough. Let’s keep it rolling and make 2021 amazing!


Ben Mackey, PGA
General Manager