Bay Pricing

ZSTRICT Bay Pricing Chart

Rates per bay
Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm $55
Monday - Thursday 4pm to 10pm $65
Friday 4pm to 10pm
All Weekend $70

Players not checked prior to their start time are subject to reservation cancellation. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your reserved time.

Pricing & Bay Details
All aforementioned rates are per bay, per hour, not per person. VIP is an additional $10 Mon-Fri & an additional $15 on the weekend. Up to six (6) individuals can play on the simulator at one time. Bays 1-4 are located closest to the front of the facility. Bays 5-9 are located closest to the bar.

The VIP is a large, spacious room for whatever occasion: whether that be simply playing 18 holes, hosting a conference meeting, or celebrating one's birthday, the room is built for your needs. The VIP bay comes equipped with a speaker and TV for your control over the space. Just like the nine other bays, VIP comes with all 80 courses as well as arcade mode. Six (6) individuals can play on the simulator at one time. The room fits 10-12 individuals comfortably.

ZSTRICT Floor Plan

ZSTRICT Floor Plan