You want authenticity? ZSTRICT has it.

Technology behind ZSTRICT

Combine the convenience of playing the world’s most famous courses indoors with the industry’s most advanced hitting mat ever! ZSTRICT uses GOLFZON’s multi-surface hitting mats, which give players realistic fairway, rough and bunker conditions so you can virtually play the ball as it lies. 

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Moving Swing Plate

Equipped with Auto Tee-up and wide plate, the Moving Swing Plate allows players to hit shots anywhere on the multi-surface hitting mats. The Moving Swing Plate’s accommodates 360 degrees of directional movement to provide real-world play by simulating course slopes from tee box to the putting green.

Auto Tee-Up

GOLFZON Auto Tee-up automatically collects and dispense golf balls for each shot. Tee heights are adjustable so that it can be positioned at the right height for player’s driver, every time.

Multi-Surface Hitting Mats

Three types of hitting mats, each portraying fairway, rough, and sand bunker conditions provide a realistic simulation of a real golf course.